Although Smart Health & Life Insurance Agency’s first clients were established in Pasco County, we quickly expanded throughout Florida as well as all 50 states. Our clients vary from Medicare Beneficiaries, Individuals and Families, to the Self-Employed, Small & Large Businesses.

We are proud to serve our valued clients! Here’s what a few of them have to say about Smart Health & Life Insurance Agency.
“I am writing to express my appreciation to Capt. Rob and his company Smart Health Inc. Recently my husband was laid off and we were faced with losing our health insurance. When we got the COBRA bill we were shocked because we had no idea it could be this much. A friend of ours referred us to Capt. Rob who sat down with us and patiently explained our options without a hint of sales pressure. We were amazed to discover that we could sign up for a health plan that was from the same insurance carrier and nearly identical to my husband’s old employer plan for half the cost of COBRA. The application process was painless and we got approved for our new policy in less than two weeks. Thank you Capt. Rob!”
– Rose D.
“This note of appreciation is to both Capt. Rob and Vicki. Last year we were retiring and faced with the unpleasant prospect of going on Medicare. We got inundated with junk mail and the phone was constantly ringing from unknown agents trying to sell us plans. We knew of Rob and Vicki’s reputation with Medicare and called them for help. Within a half hour they had outlined our options in an easy to understand manner. It seemed so simple! We selected a plan, got enrolled and have been very pleased with the results ever since. We now refer all our friends at the golf club to Rob and Vicki and have always received positive feedback.”
– Betsy and John K.
“My parents recently passed away leaving us with huge funeral expenses we could not easily pay. The funeral director at the funeral home where we conducted the service recommended a pre-need burial plan so our children would not have the same problem. He gave us Capt. Rob’s business card and we called for advice. Being in our 60’s we thought that any burial solution would be way too expensive to consider. But, we were wrong and for about $50 a month each we bought a $10,000 final expense policy for the each of us. While discussing our burial options with Capt. Rob and the funeral director we found out that for just a few hundred dollars we could be cremated and our ashes scattered at sea on Capt. Rob’s boat. When the time comes we now have peace of mind that our needs will be handled in a professional manner and most of the money from the burial plans we bought will be handed over to our children. What a relief.”
– Gary and Mona S.
“After I turned 65 I enrolled in a Medicare plan through Capt. Rob. When reviewing the coverages I was dismayed to discover the lack of dental and vision coverage. We are getting older and our teeth are not in good shape. My wife and I thought Medicare covered everything just like our old plan through work. Not so we found out. Capt. Rob recommended a combination low cost dental/vision plan for less than $200 a year, which covered all our dental needs including the dentures I am sure I will need in the near future. We highly recommend Capt. Rob and his company for his no-nonsense approach without the high sales pressure.”
– Alan H.