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Having your family protected with an adequate amount of Life Insurance is another way of showing your love.

Life Insurance is among the most important insurance products Smart Health & Life Insurance Agency offers. It is a sad fact that fewer people have life insurance protection than any other time in the history of life insurance. The even more amazing fact is that life insurance rates are at their lowest since 1949 and continue to drop! We are living longer and dying much later in life. Your Life Insurance premium will protect you and your family's financial legacy.

We offer both Simple Term Life and Permanent Life Insurance (Whole or U/L). Simple Term Life Insurance can be purchased for pennies-on-the-dollar and offers quick and affordable peace of mind to surviving family members. Permanent life insurance (Whole or U/L) is very affordable and cannot be outlived (the max age is now 121).

Term or Permanent Life Insurance: How do you know if you have the right coverage?
Because He Loved Me
“He did the dishes,
Rubbed my feet,
Surprised me with tulips,
Took me to musicals,
Held my bags while I shopped,
Held my hand.

He died of cancer four years ago.

Because he loved me,
I can stay at home.
I can be there for our children.
I can afford to pay for their college education.
I can worry about other things in life besides money.

He still loves me and he still shows it.”
Here's a quick look at all of your options for insuring your life:
  • Term
  • Whole
  • Variable
  • Universal
Not many people shopping for life insurance have escaped the debate over term vs. permanent insurance. What's the best option for you?
The wrong kind of life insurance can do more damage to your financial plans than just about any other financial product today. The first and most important decision you must make when buying life insurance is: term, permanent or a combination of both? Let's look at each.

Term Life Insurance



Term life policies offer death benefits only. If you die before the policy ends, the benefits are paid out to your surviving family. If you live past the length of the policy, which is quite probable, your family members get no money back.

Term policies are essentially temporary policies. These are inexpensive, and for a very good reason. They are a “cash cow” for the life insurance companies with less than a two percent chance that any given policy owner will die and “cash out” during the life of his or her term.

Permanent Life Insurance



If kept long enough, it is guaranteed to pay out to your beneficiaries. Permanent life policies offer death benefits and a “savings account” (also called “cash value”) so that if you live, you get back at least some of the amount you spent on your premium, if not more. You get this money back either by cashing in the policy or by borrowing against it. Look at permanent life insurance as a forced savings account for life.

As you might expect, permanent life insurance premiums are more expensive than term premiums because some of your premium dollars are put into a savings program. The longer the policy has been in force, the higher the cash value, because more money has been paid in and the cash value has earned interest, dividends or both.

The decision on whether term or permanent life insurance will be best for you is a big one. Your licensed insurance broker, like Smart Health, Inc., is trained in guiding you towards the best decision. There are even many cases that a combination of both temporary and permanent life insurance makes the most sense.
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Start by assessing your needs. Then, email us for our free Life Insurance Needs Estimator. It is simple to use and will give you a good idea which direction to take concerning your life insurance choices.
Life insurance is your life's protection.

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