Well, the time has come and you are faced with the inevitable. Your loved ones are aging and you need to discuss long term care and the final expenses. This is an emotional time in your family’s lives. Why make it any more stressful than it already is? Insure yourself and your loved ones for peace of mind.

Long Term Care (LTC)

Everyone knows how high the cost of Assisted Living and Nursing Home facilities are. In the Tampa Bay region alone it averages over $8,500 a month! Lifetime savings can be wiped out very quickly when caring for a loved one. In part, that is what makes the decision to transition your loved ones into these facilities so stressful.

Thankfully, there are ways to make Long Term Care (LTC) coverage very affordable. Don’t be fooled with expensive plans and new Life Insurance policies in old age. Contact Smart Health & Life Insurance and we can help you and your loved ones determine the best cost for your needs.

Final Expense or Burial Insurance

The time has come and a loved one passes away. You visit a funeral home and get sticker shock when you find out the average funeral service plus a burial cost totals to over $11,000. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but that may even be on the low end.

Burial insurance very inexpensive when you are faced with trying to swallow the high cost of dying. Whether you are thinking about a full-blown service with casket and burial or a simple cremation and scattering at sea (yes, we offer that too!), why burden family members with that expense? Pre-pay at a fraction of the cost and rest in peace.

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