Choosing the right dental plan can be quite challenging for the individual or family that does not receive benefits from their employer. There are dozens of choices ranging from low-cost Dental Discount with Vision and Pharmacy discounts to very expensive PPO and DHMO plans with long wait times and annual caps rarely exceeding $1500 per person.

Very often the choice is made for you by the plan or very often the lack of plans that your particular dentist will accept.

Long established private dentists with many repeat patients typically take very few plans, usually employer-based plans or PPO/DHMO plans, which are often treated as “out-of-network”. Yes, they will file the claim for you, but the actual savings can be minimal. Subsequently, the savings per procedure may not even off-set the annual cost of the coverage.

Due to the rising cost of all medical and dental care, many dentist choose to consolidate into large practices that can handle a significant volume of patients. Many plans will be available including the very popular Dental Discount plans, with the aim to attract as many new patients as possible.

But, the bottom line is this: if the plan you choose does not save you more than what you would pay for it on an annual basis, then it may be time to shop for an alternative or even another dentist who accepts a larger array of dental plans.

Smiles are free, but they are worth a lot. Invest wisely!